First Steps


First Steps - Cover

When the urge to get going grows strong, not knowing what to do or how to do it can easily turn into being stuck again.

Figuring out the entire picture beforehand or believing what you do must be unique or monumental often leads directly into overwhelm.

With the clues and answers being within and around us, the best place to start is with you.


Building A Foundation


Change is one of the few givens in life.

That means not knowing, questioning, feeling frustrated will always come and go too.

By building skills to deal with change, look within and Listen to what’s appearing, you are equipping yourself with tools you can use wherever you are and wherever you go.

You are building an inner foundation you can fall back on whenever life gets messy.


These first steps are all about you.

Simple as they may seem, they are powerful in helping you access your inner wisdom and guidance system.

The bigger question of what you should be doing comes forward from there.


First Steps - Cover

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Building Confidence


Play with these first steps so they become second nature.

Learning to walk came from concentration, repetition and determination.

As did reading, driving and playing an instrument.


Expect frustrations, set backs and even feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

There is much change and rewiring going on inside you don’t see right now.

You will.


You’ve heard the call.

You have reached this point because of one simple reason –

You. Are. Ready.



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