Change Starts Right Where You Are


Changing Directions - Cover

You know there’s more for you.

The inner call to do something different and make a difference is strong, but the direction to head is not always clear.

A good case of self-doubt, not finding answers that make sense and questioning your sanity often fuel the uncertainty.


I’ve been where you are, as have many others.

You’re not alone.


The Questioning


There’s a very good reason for the way you feel right now.

You’re right where you’re supposed to be.


Changing Directions answers four core questions you’re likely asking at this time:

  • Am I crazy?
  • Will I ever find ‘it’?
  • When will I figure ‘it’ out?
  • How will I find ‘it’?


With a fresh perspective of where you are right now, you can relax with  renewed clarity that seeking is normal and stand on a grounding from which to move forward.


Changing Directions - Cover

Changing Directions is yours to read, download and pass along

to those you know who might be asking the same questions.

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Re-igniting The Light


With these answer you’ll have what you need right now to keep going or get moving again.

You won’t have the final answer, because that’s what the journey is about.

But you should have a place to plant your feet so you can take the next step.


The path you have traveled has, and will serve you well into the future.

The world needs all of us to show up to shine our truest selves.

We’re here to help each other step up and share in creating the change ahead together.


You’ve heard the call.

You have reached this point because of one simple reason –

You. Are. Ready.



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