Aug 082017

A spinning wheel of options to work on

Not sure how I missed the memo.

I’ve been procrastinating all week.

About everything.

Why did it take me until this morning to see that?

Oh wait, I procrastinated figuring out what was going on.

Even at that, the Fates had different plans for this Letter, both in timing and content.


Random Notes of a Procrastinator


~ Indecision is a huge time and energy suck.

~ Procrastination can be quite productive.

~ Productivity is over rated.

~ Waiting creates the space for ideas to formulate.

~ Mom was wrong – you can stick some things in an outlet without being electrocuted.

~ Which looks better – a freshly mowed lawn after you’ve mowed it or someone else has?

~ Indecision is a waste of time and energy.

~ Reading a good story is not procrastination.

~ Neither is driving two hours to get cat meds.

~ Freshly laundered flannel sheets never get old.

~ There are only a few actual items that need to get done in a day.

~ What needs to get done, gets done.

~ Cool, grey days are terribly under-appreciated.

~ Productivity is a measure of doing, not a reflection of being.

~ Pinned by sleeping cats is not avoidance.

~ Nuclear war posturing boosts procrastination to a whole new level.

~ Letting someone else decide for you sows the seeds of regret or resentment.

~ It’s one day closer to winter and snow. Yippee!

~ Plans change.

~ Expectations play with your mind.

~ There will always be more to do.

~ Friends and loved ones won’t always be around.

~ Indecision is a huge time and energy suck.

~ Kitty snuggle time fixes everything.




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