Begin With Being You

Imagine you being you full out, no holding back, doing what you’re supposed to be doing


Life just keeps getting better.

Beyond imagination really.

Sure there are rough spots, hard work and maybe a detour along the way, but Life is easy. Things flow and fall into place.

Feeling alive, energized and eager to wake up every morning once again is freedom in motion.

Making a difference, turning possibilities into reality and helping others is living Life at its best.


Oh, to dream …


Because that life feels like someone else’s and out of reach right now.

Wanting more seems almost crazy. Family, friends and a good job should be enough.

But it’s not.

The difficult part is feeling like you don’t belong anywhere.

Work is more like going through the motions now, and so different from when you eagerly used to jump out of bed on Monday mornings.

Your interests have changed, you see the world differently, your curiosity is leading in new directions.

What should be an exciting time is dampened by a widening gap that separates your old life and where you’re heading now.

If only you had greater confidence in where that was.


Between a well-used library card and an overflowing bookshelf, just about every self help book ever written has been read.

Along with attending pretty much every workshop and course about living your bliss or trying something new.

Then there are all the committees, groups and special projects at work that didn’t help either.

One thing’s for sure, the extra workload highlighted even more how much work is no longer “it”.


You’re definitely not alone at reaching this point.


You already know from my story of the decades long search I embarked on at an early age.

Losing my dream set me to wandering and taking paths that looked like the least worst.


There was no question about giving my all to work. New positions and projects were welcomed for the challenge they brought.

The shininess, however, always wore off.

I jumped at other opportunities to help organize department activities or provide input on setting directions.

And when those dried up, I decided to make the leap into being my own boss. Take control.


Being a consultant simply meant I had more paperwork to do, not less.

The opportunities really didn’t change and the shininess continued to wear off too.

I dove into financial freedom avenues only to find myself supporting someone else’s dream (again) or hating what I was doing.

They just weren’t me.


Two things happened when Life began to fall back onto track:


Who I was being infused everything I was doing.

When I began being myself, everything changed.


Bringing greater clarity to who I am and who I was being began acting as a compass for what I wanted to do.

And totally explained why I would go off on tangents chasing red rabbits.


That’s why Begin With Being You was born.


I spent so many years unsuccessfully trying to figure out what to do to be me.

Having traveled the long way around to understanding what being really means, I want to support others in dis covering and truly being who they really are.

Full out.

In everything they do.

That’s what Life is all about – expressing our true selves all over.


In our action-biased societies, however, being gets a bad rap.

The prevalent belief is that being means sitting around doing nothing.

How can anything possibly get done?


The opposite is more accurate.

The more we’re being our true selves, the better we feel, the more energy we have and the more we want to give of ourselves.

We end up doing more because being the ‘real me’ feels so good. We can’t hold ourselves back.


Set Your Compass

The place to begin is in being.

Continuing to do more or simply changing what you do, without knowing who you really are and where you stand, will land you right back at the same point you want to leave.

Begin With Being is about taking a deeper look into various aspects of your life and seeing the patterns begin to emerge.


We’ll bring Light to the treasures of your uniqueness, your passions and callings.

Ultimately we’ll dis cover more of who you’ve been trying to be all along.

By infusing you into the larger picture, what you do will be a reflection of all that you are instead of the other way around.

You can then use who you are as your internal compass creating your life forward.


With Begin With Being You, consider yourself setting off on a journey with some familiar landmarks here and there, but fully knowing there is much more territory you’ve been wanting to explore.

Such an expedition is not one to be taken lightly. We’ll have deep conversations spanning from all the way from fun to the intimate, just as if we were hanging out at the kitchen table with friends.

The terrain we’ll navigate is full of ups and downs, clarity and confusion, laughter and (good) tears, circling and straightaways in order to see what has always been right before your very eyes – the real you who has been waiting for this very time.

Despite the rougher and unbeaten paths you will come across, you’re still excited to get going and have set your intentions to:

  • Learn how to use powerful questions to gain clarity by looking beyond the (murky or clear) surface.
  • Identify ways to best support yourself through the uncertainty of the unknown.
  • Become more aware of your unique who-ness.
  • Recognize and understand how who you are acts as a magnet, attracting you in certain directions and away from others.
  • Gain greater clarity and courage in hearing what the inner whispers have been telling you.
  • Dis cover how best to express your true self so you can be you all the time – in your work, at home with family and out with friends.


What can you expect?


In this 8 week, hands-on, interactive online expedition you’ll have access to:

  • a small, intimate community of fellow explorers to share your journey with and leverage the power of community
  • weekly group calls to stay connected, discuss the week’s topic for exploration and answer specific questions
  • an eJournal with suggested questions and activities to dig deeper
  • a private online group space for sharing between calls
  • additional support through my active participation in the online group space
  • an individual 90 minute session at the end of program to discuss where you’ve been and what may be next


Optional Add-ons:

  • individual 90 minute sessions scheduled within the seven week program period:

1 session – $150 2 sessions – $250 4 sessions – $400


Next class: to be announced

Leave your name and email below to find out when a firm date is scheduled.


Good Fit or Just Another Course?


You are ready to explore Begin With Being You if:

  • You’re curious, an explorer at heart with a love of learning, and consider solving puzzles as more of an exciting opportunity than a dreaded obstacle.
  • Within a safe space, you’re willing to be uncomfortable, challenged, and flounder around a bit without giving up.
  • Hanging out with a “spiritual cattle-prod” sounds intriguing.
  • You prefer authentic conversations, which may at times include honest what-you-need-to-hear feedback.
  • You want to actively participate and do the work to ensure you get the most out of our time together.


This might not be the right time to start this program to best support yourself if:

  • Change sounds like a good idea, but deep down you really aren’t ready to make changes.
  • You’re looking for a highly structured, step-by-step direct route process leading you to a specific answer by a specific time.
  • You always have enough other commitments that you won’t be able to give enough attention to this work.
  • You aren’t comfortable with intuitive insights being shared.


What guarantees do you have?


My guarantee is three-fold:

  • I’ll see you, the real you, and hold you in that higher vision. Even when you can’t. In helping you to see you again, I’ll nudge, tug and prod and make you feel uncomfortable at times. But I’ll also be a safe, soft place to fall.
  • For as long as you show up, I will too. I have your back. I’m your biggest cheerleader.
  • You will learn something about yourself. Maybe not what you were expecting, but you will learn something.


What I can’t guarantee, however, is what you get out of your experience.

How much you participate, how deep you’re willing to dig, how honest you’re willing to be and the rough patches you’re willing to push through all impact the results you see.


Stay in touch

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