Right Before Our Very Eyes


Have you ever lost your keys only to find them in the “other” pocket or misplaced sunglasses on top of your head?

Searching What Is Before You

Do you search high and low for books on the wrong shelf or files not in the right drawer?

Are there times when you’ve looked endlessly through the fridge or a cupboard for what’s right in front of you?


Finding what we’re looking for in life is the same thing.


Once the inner questioning and longing for something more begins, life is never the same again.

We yearn for more. We know we are more and there is more we can do.

We spend a lot of time searching out there for answers that have always been right here. Cleverly hidden mind you, but right here nonetheless. What seems obvious to others is where we often feel stuck in the dark.



Filling In Maps And Gaps


We aren’t so much lost or don’t know as we are cloaked or covered up to remain hidden from ourselves.

We go about searching for answers when we are really trying to dis-cover ourselves again.

That’s why at times you’ll see a hyphen or space in discovery – to remember what we now see has always been there.

When we expand in our awareness, the way we see and what we see changes too.


As searchers we see ourselves as learners or apprentices seeking a formula to follow and a test to pass.

As explorers we set off with the intent to discover the depths of less charted waters or the contours of terrains. We fill in the map of what’s always been there.


We shift from looking for the end to continuing the journey. Instead of looking for answers we are energized by the endless source of questions to know more about ourselves.



Who Not How


The learner in us asks questions of ‘why’ and ‘how’. The inner explorer asks ‘what’ and ‘who’.

The Inner Explorer

We can easily veer off into old patterns by asking “how do I …?” when we’re trying to dis-cover “who am I?”

Using a doing question to find a being answer is a bit like oil and water. They don’t mix well.

Behaving a certain way or playing a certain role doesn’t make us who we are. Yet we use doing different things as the long route to finding out what don’t like in order to discover what we do.

On the other hand, our unique self expression will always find a way into what we do. Even when we don’t realize it.


Being our authentic selves acts as a compass, pointing us towards what we can do to best express who we are. We can avoid the many detours of figuring out what we don’t like and focus on what doing what we truly desire.



The Path


This path is a journey towards greater awareness, clarity and authenticity, and unfolding into living our most extraordinary life – for ourselves and each other. This is our greatest challenge and opportunity wrapped up in one.


We won’t talk in terms of setting goals, marking major milestones or making money.

We will look deeper into knowing ourselves more fully so we can step up and shine what lights us up.We’ll explore the changes compelling us forward and what holds us back.

We’ll talk in terms of being clear on what we intend and being open to seeing what appears beyond imagination.


The first step is taken when you Begin With Being.


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