Move Over Maxine – I’m Your New Competition

Seems I’m having to admit to getting old(er) a lot more often these days.

Last week saw down right curmudgeony break out.

Movie over Maxine, I may be the next rising star of coffee mugs and greeting cards!


Completing a survey for the bank kicked things into high gear.

They seriously thought a thank-you-for-look-at-all-the-business-you’ve-given-us email was would make me feel valued?

The flames fanned higher upon discovering the cat food bags shrunk by three pounds.

In addition to their now-I-find-out annual price increase.

We’re not even going to go near the silly ways a computer program was designed.

As in, not the way it should (according to me and others highly skilled in programming).


You get the picture.

The list of all the nigglers is way too exhausting to write out.


What has gotten into me?


Is this what I have to look forward to?

Grumbling about everything that bumps up against the way my world should be?

Why is this all this so annoying?


But hey, at least I didn’t go on a Facebook rampage.

For two days, or was it three, my newsfeed felt consumed by someone ranting about how they’d been done wrong.

It became a game to see where a post would pop up next.

All my worldly woes vanished into thin air being drawn into this far better drama.



Normally, this would be tune-out material.

And likely would have been the case, had I not been at ground zero.

I watched (and rewatched) both the video and livestream in question.

Even remember doing a double-take.

Did they really say that?


Apparently so, because a lot of people emailed or messaged to express their shock and displeasure.

But, oh no, the rabid rants pointed out a completely different interpretation of what went down.

No acknowledgement whatsoever of how the words could have been taken another way.

There was only one reality here, and you were either in it or against it.


Aye, there’s the rub.

My curmudgeony week was based entirely out of failing to see other perspectives.

Or even seeing the events for what they were.

The world was not plotting to take me down.


Lacking sorely was looking at more perspectives than just mine.


I have an opinion. Doesn’t have to be their’s.

I have a choice. Switch brands or stick with with them.

(The cat’s nixed the idea of feeding them less.)

Dog-with-a-bone needs to get a little more creative to accomplish the desired result,

or let go and go simple.

Really, were any of these near-and-dear-to-my-heart-draw-a-line-in-the-stand?




Note to self – when the up-and-coming Maxine shows up, take a much better look around, and question.

Whose eyes am I not looking through?

Where does this rank on the importance scale?

What’s not getting energy, attention or getting done because all this grumpiness is taking up air time?



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