Many Messengers For A Message

The university alumni magazine arrived in the mail.

After a quick scan of the cover, I headed straight to the “Class Notes” section as always.

Who might be doing something noteworthy this issue?

You could say “hope springs eternal” given how long it’s been since finding a familiar name.

Graduates since 2000 seem far more likely to share what they’re up to.


Hope sprung forward this time.

A name in the first column caught me eye.

But from where?

A night of brain rattling shook loose the answer.

Our paths crossed occasionally at our first jobs at the same company.


She’s done very well for herself.

She got herself fired for having the audacity to succeed while bucking the status quo.

The inner pokes of her beliefs nudged her to mortgage everything and to start her own company.

Selling that, then starting and selling three more companies has left her investors VERY happy.

Attending a Richard Branson retreat she again heard the inner pokes of what was next.

She needed to change the oil industry by showing energy, the environment and people can play well together in the same sandbox.

Upon returning from the retreat, she started a fifth company to do just that.

And doing it, she is.


I should have felt jealous of her bank account.

I should have kicked myself for not being the success I could have been.

I should have been be steaming mad or depressed for not having made far more of a difference.


Express yourself instead of following others


But I wasn’t.


I was excited to see someone rocking the boat and following her inner nudges.

I admired her creativity and tenacity to go after what she wanted even though she didn’t exactly know how.

I was happy for her success, and even happier it was her and not me.


Thoughts meandered back to growing up when all I wanted to be was a doctor.

Until I squashed the idea in grade 11.

I know now being a doctor was temporary.

Medicine would have been my it, my thing, until it wasn’t anymore.

Eventually would have come the struggle to quit and let go.

Ending up pretty much where I am now.


Happening upon her TedX Edmonton talk, I realized how many similar values and outlook on life we share.

Where she thrived, I would have floundered terribly.

Realistically speaking, I wouldn’t have even headed down the path she took.

At the time I had the wherewithal to know that wasn’t for me.


But with both of us following inner nudges and our paths,

the same values have more ways of being expressed in the world.

Imagine all of us sharing the same values in the way we are drawn to.

Many messengers will get the word out a lot faster than any single one.

That’s a pretty good reason to be you full out instead of trying to be somebody else.



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