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Different To Make A Difference

March 8, 2013

I should know better.   Yesterday was the weekly trip into town for groceries and running errands. Thirty minutes both ways of pure pondering time given the almost empty highway. Not five minutes out when “Today’s Trip Topic” is dropped into mind. A bit surprising, but there it is: Making a difference instead of making…


Give Voice To What You Know

March 3, 2013

Even when you don’t know the whole thing, sometimes the fastest path towards clarity is to give voice to what you do know. An inkling, an image, or even a few words scattered here and there brought into “the light of day” are like sowed seeds responding to sunlight. In the right space of light,…


Being Into Doing

March 2, 2013

I mentioned my wavering between two ideas I most want people to get in their DNA. If I thought people being full of themselves was going to be a tough sell, I suspect there’s an even tougher road ahead for embracing the notion being is not the opposite of doing, and in no way means…


You’re Full Of Yourself

February 24, 2013

A few times in recent weeks I’ve had the chance to ask others a favourite question for sussing out some specifics of an often nebulous inner impulse – What do you most want people to know, to “get” deep down inside that it could almost, if not actually change their DNA? Taking the opportunity to…

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More Than Short And Sweet

February 13, 2013

A certain je ne sais quoi happens when essence is touched upon. There’s a stillness, a rightness, a skipped breath. Words are not enough. Or needed.       Getting to the core is rarely the straight and easy path we’d like to believe. Essence is a treasure as much courted as fought against.   Until…

Large wood table in cozy rustic dining room

Stirring The Pot To Savings

February 10, 2013

A long-standing marketing adage says people buy on emotion, and justify with logic. How absolutely true. And you don’t even have to be actively shopping! A little bit of poking beyond the surface saved us a few thousand dollars recently.     Photo credit not available.   A photo of our ideal kitchen table hangs…


Tips For Asking Questions

February 5, 2013

      Questions can help you access your inner wisdom. They can also keep you in your head. The following tips for asking questions can help make exploring an adventure of discovery instead of an academic exercise:     Tips   > Approach exploratory questions from the perspective answers and insights are waiting to…


Questions For Digging Deeper

February 5, 2013

With a little bit of practice buoyed by our innate sense of being curious, we all have the ability to become explorers without ever leaving home. Digging deeper into the details and bigger picture creates distinctions that open the way to greater awareness and clarity. Words move beyond generalities to have the richer meaning. Assumptions…


Turning Words Into Meanings

February 4, 2013

Imagine yourself standing in an art gallery conversing about the paintings on the wall. What does your discussion look like if you use only the word “paint”? Envision the same discussions when you know about acrylics, watercolour, oil, and tempera. Or maybe you’re speaking with a craftsman about the custom furniture you have long dreamed…


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