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Four Keys To Unlocking Change

April 2, 2014

If we’re going to embrace what a new perspective on growing older really could be, then we face a lifetime of transitions ahead of us. The ups and downs just aren’t going to go away.   But no longer do we have to be tossed about at the mercy of change, wondering what is going…


Celebrating Martine

March 21, 2014

‘Facebook’ and ‘frustrated’ are often spoken in the same breath along with perhaps a few choice words best not repeated. One ever shining spot, however, is a Facebook community created about nine months ago by Jodi Chapman. Being part of the group’s evolution and meeting some incredibly amazing women from around the world, and some…


14 Signs You’re In A Growth Spurt

March 16, 2014

Hard to believe my youngest nephew is turning 18 this year. Seems like only the week before last when the phone rang announcing the news of his arrival. With the good fortune of living nearby, I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with him in his early years and being a keen…


Emerging From The Downhill Slide

March 2, 2014

Last week at the chiropractor we ventured into the topic of what age is too old and making changes no longer works. Not surprisingly, this was a bit of a one-sided conversation.   Her practice is founded in the idea that at every age, health is developed and you can find ways to thrive in…


Good Time Turns Into Flash Mob

February 13, 2014

What do 8 year olds, hockey, pizza, 200 screaming fans and a high school band have in common? Cindy Donnelley.   Cindy’s son plays for a team that has not won a hockey game in two years. But the boys play with their love of the game and always have fun. While the team won’t…


Tired Of Being Tired And Facing The Unknown

January 16, 2014

Learning the ins and outs of video creation for the past seven months has been a safety line to the future in a sea of upheaval. Not sure how much has been learned, but showing up for the weekly calls just to be in the space was important. While the eyes glazed over and the…


Alone Is Not An Option

January 12, 2014

All set to scope out at least ten lessons about life learned from living with cats, and an eleventh appears wanting centre stage all to itself. Who am I, then, to argue.   The lesson began as under-the-breath grumblings out of tiredness from being pulled in too many directions. But the words had a special…


Message For 2014

January 11, 2014

Now is the time to put aside all of your thoughts about what can be to truly see what is unfolding. You in particular. If there was a theme to describe 2014, “nothing is as it appears” might sum things up nicely. For the past four or more weeks, messages have come forward in various…


Face Failure And Sweat The Small Stuff

January 2, 2014

If you want to do anything that has a probability of failure, which is true for just about everything, … the real key in success is not in visualizing things are going to go well. Visualize things that can probably fail and then sweat … sweat the small stuff but don’t sit around being terrified…


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