Lorraine holding three thick theory books to read

More Than One Explanation

October 4, 2018

Last December I recorded Nova’s Bird Brain and finally had a chance to watch it. The promo mentioned crows and I’ve heard they are very intelligent. Have to say after watching the show, birds are rather spectacular. They’re not just pretty faces feathers either. One species use tools. Many solve problems and can apply past learnings to entirely…

Lorraine waiting while Lorraine has does teenage rebellion


September 12, 2018

Last week was one of those parenting moments. As in parenting me. After kicking myself for missing ANOTHER Letter two weeks ago, I swore up and down there would be no missing last week. Cue teen rebellion.   At first, the diversions were subtle. An “important” appointment here and must-research-that-right-now boondoggle there. There’s always tomorrow.…

Grey cat looking inquisitively into your eyes

Pulling Apart Why

August 17, 2018

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been fostering a cat. He was taken in by the local rescue after being seized from the owner by the provincial SPCA. Being locked in a shed for five days was the final straw needed for someone to report his living situation.   The poor guy was skinny as…

Folds of bright coloured paper

With Contrast Comes Clarity

August 4, 2018

The past couple of weeks have been a tad weird. Maybe not so much weird as contrasting. Everything seemed to be on one end or the other rather than somewhere in the middle of: busy or quiet, deadlines or open-ended, caught up or observant, work or house projects, cats or not cats, scramble or snail’s pace,…

Lorraine as a bobblehead being squeezed in box vice back to basics

Forced Back To Basics – Insights

July 20, 2018

June overflowing into July turned out to be an interesting six weeks. We had a house full of repairs at our other place and a bunch of related paperwork to complete with a hard deadline.   Talk about focus.   As each week, and then each day passed, more and more non-essentials fell by the…

Two tiny console light bulbs make all the difference for seeing clearly

Lighting Up A New Year

June 29, 2018

My (not well advertised) birthday is almost here. Celebrations include savouring ripple chips and garlic-yogurt-dill dip and pizza. Neither lives in harmony with Body so it gifts Taste Buds a break for the special occasion. The only other thing I wanted to make the day special was to fix the burnt out light on the…

Lorraine managing renos and presentations dreaming of a cat pile on

Keep On, Keep On

June 16, 2018

Another busy week in the books and two more to go. The week was packed with drywall dust, yard cleanup and running errands at our other place, a great coaching session and another SEO presentation gone well. To be honest, with everything going on I was coming to terms with there being no Letter. Letting…


Plain Old Burnt Out

June 8, 2018

I’m calling it – burnt. out. Found out on Monday, instead of having 10 days to gather, complete and submit paperwork – I had until Thursday. As in, this week. Maybe Friday.   I started to wonder – how many more obstacles are going to get thrown in the way on this one? Details aren’t…

Lorraine at lectern giving SEO presentation

What I Learned At (Word) Camp

June 2, 2018

Wow – where did the week go? Last Saturday I was enjoying the second day of sessions at the WordPress conference. My SEO presentation was right before lunch on Friday so I was done & done. You might remember my introvert freak out a couple weeks back. All went well and feedback indicated the presentation…


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