Jul 182017

Control is a juggling act

Yesterday was Mr. Stunning’s vet appointment.

For several weeks we conveniently avoided scheduling it.

When avoidance was no longer possible, turns out more waiting was to come.

The vet was on vacation.


For two weeks we worried about planned out how we were going to catch him.

How many back up plans did we need to have?

Would two relaxant tablets work when his test run of one did nothing?

(Except to make him hungrier and have more fun bothering the others.)

What if we couldn’t catch him at all?


Mr. Stunning is cool-by-the-pool laid back, but we’d never had him to the vet.

He likes chin scratches and his gorgeous mane manscaped, but being handled is a whole other thing.

How he would react being caught or having blood drawn was anybody’s guess.


Morning appointments are great.

There’s no time to think.

You’re laser-focused on “Scoop & Go.”

His appointment was later afternoon.


As the hours ticked by, I became more aware of being elsewhere.

Not much work was going on.

Too many looming unknowns processed in the back of my mind.

Staying on top of things was top priority. Be prepared.

Who knows what new place he might find to sleep the day away.

Or go ballistic being chased by a blanket.

So many variables to account for.


Then Hedge Guy arrived.

Right when we needed to start getting Mr. Stunning ready.

That wasn’t in the plan.

He was supposed to come later.


By the time I went over what we needed for the hedges, we were behind schedule.

No time to waffle.

Mr. Stunning needed his relaxant 10 minutes ago.


Deep breath.

Fingers crossed.

Here we go.


Everything went swimmingly well.

Almost too easy.

Captured, pilled and in the carrier took all of five minutes. Seven tops.

Hurdled crossed.


Not quite time to relax.

There was still the actual appointment to get through.


Also in the category of swimmingly well.

Check up, blood drawn and urine sample all completed without as much as a wiggle or a mew.

Test results all came back indicating Mr. Stunning was the picture of feline health.

(He would like to add “I told you so.”)


Relaxant after effects were minimal too.

The other cats were left alone.

Only I seemed to be bothered by 5:00am cupboard doors slamming in attempts to find food.



Not so bad.

Pretty good actually.

He’s not going to be a nightmare to handle.


Not lost during the day was observing all that went on.

Tons of parallels of what happens facing the unknown.

Good old Mind wants to take care of every last detail.

Knowing full well there are details it can’t possibly know.

But dang, it’s going to try.


Taking care of the key details – like Mr. Stunning’s safety – wasn’t enough.

Neither was trusting we could figure out the rest on the fly.

Being prepared sneakily crept into the realm of controlling.

Every detail.


The silly thing is, controlling is limiting.

There’s only so many things you can think of.

And plan for.

Why did we spend all that time plotting about plans A through ???

If something else had come up, we’d have dealt with it.


We did trust ourselves.

The problem was we didn’t fall back on that.

We let our minds overrule what we knew about ourselves.

We’ll deal with it.


We don’t have to know. We can figure it out.

There’s lots of evidence to support that.

Starting with we’re here right now.

There’s lots to work with right there.


Time to write a sticky note for the next cat wrangling.

Prepared, not controlling.


Worldly Black DMH cat



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  1. I can relate to this. I never really thought about it being a lack of trust in myself. But that’s exactly what it is. Thank you!


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