Embrace The Copy Cat

Many messengers of a message

Heading out on an errand run a few weeks back I noticed a new vet clinic in town.

Oh boy.

Wonder if that’s going to go over well.

For the 12 years I’ve been here, there’s only been two clinics.

And people around these here parts are very loyal and don’t like change.

Good for me though.

Will be easier to get appointments with my ever so excellent vet.


There’s always been a lot of resistance in town.

Any hint of a big box store and the old guard rallied the troops.

No way was this town going to get citified.


Whatever the reason, the town is changing.

Big box stores dot the main drag with new ones under construction.

Three pizza joints have grown to seven with another on the way.

Two drugs stores now number five.

Restaurant chains are moving in.


I still scratch my head at this.

The population has increased by less than 3000 in the last 10 years.

What couldn’t be supported before suddenly is.


Last week I beat myself up got bummed out.

Someone launched their really cool program covering much of the same ground I would to help a similar group of peeps.

Negative Nellie had a field day.


“Why bother?”

“You’re too late. Again. Still.”

“By the time you get your stuff out there’ll be nobody left.”

“Your program isn’t that cool.”

“You’re not unique.”


Getting down on myself didn’t last too long.

Time to run more errands.

Which meant driving around town.

Right past all the pizza places.

And drug stores.

And retail chains.


Nobody’s going out of business.

More are moving into town.

Pizza places are proof positive you don’t have to be the only one.

In all reality, you’ll never be the only one.

You may be the first.

But for how long.


Nellie grew silent without a worthy comeback to toss out.


With a bit more room and quiet to mull, thoughts turned to franchises in particular.

They’re designed to be cookie cutters.

From one store to another you can expect the same experience.

Once upon a time we had a friend who owned a franchise.

They got in big trouble from head office for offering off-menu items and using off-brand ingredients.


Even with the same product offerings, no two are exactly alike.

People make the difference.

Ever drive to another location further away due to a poor experience?

Mom had her favourite Avon ladies, and they weren’t the local ones.

Banking at the branch one town over is a much different experience than the local one.


What really is being asked is to be one of many messengers for a single message.

Whatever your message may be.

You don’t have to invent.

You don’t even have to innovate.

The how is not important.

Being you is.


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Not quite a crazy cat lady (yet?) – Lorraine’s insatiable curiosity of life leads her to explore, question and push beyond the box. A self-professed “left-brained creative big picture idea” type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing possibility everywhere and in everyone, and is a moth-to-flame for being part of making that possibility come true.

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