Lorraine caught up in whirlwind

Essence-tially Slow In A Fast World

February 6, 2019

Sadly, the jubilation of fixing the leaky pipe only lasted a few hours. Even knowing I’m essence-tially slow and taking longer than a tradesperson to fix the pipe made total sense, didn’t take long for Negative Nelly to have a field day at making me feel inadequate for being so slow. What’s with that? Speed is a…

Lorraine looking puzzled holding drainpipe section

Knowing Myself Drip By Drip

January 21, 2019

Sadly, the plumbing woes did not end with fixing the leaky drain pipe. But the experience of not rushing to solutions came in handy upon discovering the kitchen sink is leaking. Well, not the sink actually. And thankfully. The undermount sink is failing, as in falling down. There’s a space now between the sink and countertop,…

Lorraine as Super Handywoman facing leaky pipe

Six Ways To Seeing Solutions

January 11, 2019

Nothing like wringing in the new year by discovering a leaking pipe. Crap. So much for catching up on some work.   Mind glommed onto the problem and began racing through solutions as if survival of the planet was at stake. Water! Water! Water! Fix! Fix. Fix!   Double crap. Of course, this had to happen…

Lorraine considering what her 2019 looked like

Predictions For 2019

December 31, 2018

While I don’t have much in the way of a New Year’s tradition, my parents did. For more years than I can remember they would go out for dinner with the same couple. Occasionally, other couples would join to expand the festivities, but there would always be the four of them. After dinner, they would…

Large cat-topped Christmas tree with people sitting underneath.

Presence Under The Tree

December 25, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to think of something fitting for Christmas. Perhaps along the lines of a gift for you. Nothing witty. Didn’t have to be profound. In the Warm & Fuzzy ballpark would do.   And nothing came to mind.   Total. blank. Figures. I was looking forward to this…

Sunglasses above sweater with no face

Not Visible Or Not Seen

December 16, 2018

A couple of Letters back I mused on how a belief was holding me back. I was stuck in place for not wanting to stick my hand in a blender – under purposefully made safe conditions (don’t try this at home). Faced with reconciling not being able to move forward and going against everything I’d been taught…

Lorraine confused by the dateless calendar on the fridge.

A Year Not Like The Others

December 9, 2018

Wednesday was an interesting drive into the city. While not feeling nervous about the lengthy dental appointment ahead of me, I didn’t want to think about it either. With a good hour of Mind being distracted with driving duties, it was the perfect time for obserflecting on what has been appearing of late. Funnily enough, what popped…

Handwritten Yes! graffiti side of brick building

When No Isn’t Yes and Yes Isn’t Yes

November 27, 2018

Apparently, the rebellion continues. I was worried about missing two Letters. Ha! This makes five weeks since the last one. Seriously. Five! How did that happen? More importantly, what gives?   All ready and excited to write last week … and shingles start blowing off the garage roof. Then I come down with the flu. Might…

Lorraine frightened of blender and bear trap

Four Minute Musings

October 22, 2018

Some minute musings about what wanted attention this past week:   Stuck at first thought Our group of fearless friends ventured into another escape room last Saturday. Being the first room at a new-for-us location, I eagerly anticipated some new twists on familiar puzzles and locks. The theme had our group split into two rooms. That…


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