Letters From Home

Ties Of Tradition

Five members of a congregation woven together in song

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised tradition has been popping up a lot lately at this time of year. Take for example, last Monday attending a Celebration of Life. While maybe not the proper thing to do, I found myself obserflecting more than listening. Blame curiosity.   The service was held at a church from a…

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Hughjacked Moments

Hugh snuggled up in the crook of an arm

I was fully prepared to plow through. Busy week. Looming deadlines. Four days and counting behind. Head down, arse up and everything could get done.   Then Hugh came home from his dental. Ready to escape a day being knocked out or behind bars. Wobblier than a weeble and hungrier than a bear. Only two…

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Six Ways For Six Weeks To Next Year

Lorraine looks at 2017 calendar revealing 2018 with binoculars and journaling

We’ve arrived at that funny time of year full of contradictions. Heightened energy plays against a desire to slow down. Tradition wrestles with simplifying. Best laid plans gone awry cast doubt on excitement for starting over next year.   A different way is possible. Contradictions can shift towards alignment. The change doesn’t have to be…

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You Know Who You Are – Or Do You?

Lorraine looking in mirror at two self-images - hiding behind curtain or happy in full view

Pulling into the parking stall at the grocery store this week, I surprised myself once again at actually being able to park the car. Think about it. A lot of things have to come together in just the right order to park. One bad calculation and you’re exchanging insurance information.   But it’s so automatic…

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No Is The New Yes

Mapping a path through several greens with flags saying no

Do you ever wonder if “no” has an identity complex. There’s three strikes against it. First, it’s a short word. Second, it’s quite unassuming and doesn’t stand out above or below the crowd. Third, everybody tries to avoid it like the plague. So much so, new ideas aren’t tried, risks taken or permission asked for…

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Take Your Time

Lorraine watching time fly out the window and busting time pieces

My dad loved all things flying. If there was a clear blue sky on a weekend morning, he’d be up there. Cloudy ones meant breakfast at the flying club with his also grounded buddies. He even tried joining the RCAF out of high school, but was persuaded otherwise. With university followed by work and supporting…

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10 Insights Out Of Indecision

Lorraine on roller coaster full of light bulb moments

I’m still in a bit of recovery mode after the tumultuous few weeks of trying to buy an acreage. Otherwise known as, flounder about the unknown trying to find our way towards clarity. (Remind me to tell you about the Mexico trip one of these days.) Have to admit enjoying the reprieve created by decisions done.…

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No Clarity

I made it out. Out of the crazy whirlwind of indecision, that is. The last few months, capped off by two crazy weeks, was taking a heavy toll.   We’ve been looking at acreages (again) and waffling between three potential properties. It felt a bit like Goldilocks. This one was over-priced. That one was too…

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What Giving In Looks Like

Lorraine sleeping upright on couch with cats

The past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy. Exciting, scary, confusing, tiring and whatever else all rolled into one. Rest assured, bad was not part of the mix.   On the upside – I’ve been a guinea pig in my own observatory. Lots of fodder for obserflection. For the downside – all best…

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