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  • showing up and bucking the trend because we know a different way is possible

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She has a conversation with me.

Anny Rusk

What I love about Lorraine’s letters is that she treats me, the reader, as a friend. She shares questions and issues she’s actively engaged in/figuring out and then asks me my take on them. She has a conversation with me.

Anny Rusk



provoke so much more thought

Shân Watts

As always your posts provoke so much more thought on my behalf, even when I think I’ve exhausted the topic in my own mind.

Shân Watts
Joy and Resonance



inspired guide through changes

Jenny Griffin - The Power Of Change

Lorraine is an inspired guide through changes in your business and your life.

Jenny Griffin
The Power of Change



heart, soul, light

Kate Johnson

[read the blog] for every reason there is, heart, soul, light, wisdom….

Kate Johnson



gives to others through her writing

Sandra Vandenhoff

Not only is her blog from the heart; she’s someone who gives to others through her writing and her coaching.

Sandra Vandenhoff



Honest, funny, warm, insightful

Carmen Daigle

She has true heart and shares it openly in her blog. Honest, funny, warm, insightful. It’s all there.

Carmen Daigle
Carmen’s Cuisine



I just wanted to say how much I like your Follow Your Light postings. They always contain good food for thought.



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