Jun 202017
Forward. Full Stop.

  You might think herding cats is tough. Maybe more creative than anything. You have to know the cat’s personality and what they might do. They come in a wide variety of reactions. There are runners, freezers, wall climbers, hiders, swipers, hissers and the to be dreamt of, purrers. Each requires a different tactic, and what worked once doesn’t always work twice.   If cats are tough, what would the Universe say about herding humans? [Read more »]

Jun 142017
Checking Out Backgrounds

  When was the last time you looked at the background? Behind the news reporter. Other patrons in the pub on a TV show. Off to the sides while you’re walking. Your friend’s Instagram feed.   Me, I watch them a lot. Sometimes to the point of missing what I’m supposed to focus on. (Have you met my BFF, Rewind Button?!) Being an obserflective wallflower has its quirks.     Just because we don’t see the details, [Read more »]

Jun 062017
Blinded By Crackers

  Had a good chuckle today. Forget about hearing your parents sage advice or often spoke words replay in your head. I heard my own.   Twice.   Looking for crackers.   Not going crackers. Looking for crackers.   Scouring the shelves for the specific brand I buy, it was hard not to notice again the shelf space dedicated to crackers. But I need rice crackers. Gluten intolerance can do that. But why four or five [Read more »]

May 302017
The Saga Continues: Starlings - 1, Me - 0

  The starlings and I are coming to an arrangement. They aren’t as annoying and I’m not hell bent on shooing them away.   Okay. I’ll be honest. They’ve done nothing. Except for one with the audacity to eat a peanut in plain view. I was hooked. Curiosity got the better of me.   Blue jays would have pinned the shell, poked a hole and flown off with the prize inside within a minute. Apparently, [Read more »]

May 232017
Appreciating Utter Chaos

  Had a good laugh this morning.   The first 90 minutes after getting out of bed consisted of: ~ taking Sick Cat’s blood glucose reading ~ calling the vet’s office at exactly 8:30am as pre-arranged at the end of Saturday’s last minute trip to the vet with Sick Cat ~ fed the cats their breakfast ~ dodged a variety in size and content of cat vomitory expulsions that happened while feeding said cats ~ spoke [Read more »]

May 162017

  I saw a rare nuthatch on the feeder yesterday morning. They haven’t been around much lately. My excitement quickly turned to guilt as it hopped around the feeder searching for a speck of anything. Not to mention steering clear of the starling also scrounging for a morsel.   Damn starlings. They ruined everything.   A few weeks ago a flock of 40 or so descended on the feeders and yard. They darn near drove everything away. [Read more »]

May 092017
Many Messengers For A Message

The university alumni magazine arrived in the mail. After a quick scan of the cover, I headed straight to the “Class Notes” section as always. Who might be doing something noteworthy this issue? You could say “hope springs eternal” given how long it’s been since finding a familiar name. Graduates since 2000 seem far more likely to share what they’re up to.   Hope sprung forward this time. A name in the first column caught me [Read more »]

May 032017
When You Choose Another Way Forward

Jumping into learning about a new email service provider continues to be a feast for Geek Brain. Not surprisingly, one of the best parts are the bi-weekly “ask anything you want help with” office hours. We are a collective of nerdy geeks who enjoy learning the finer nuances and sharing tips to help each other out.   When I’m not geeking out, another cool facet of the group comes forward. We’re all coming to this [Read more »]

Apr 252017
Move Over Maxine - I'm Your New Competition

Seems I’m having to admit to getting old(er) a lot more often these days. Last week saw down right curmudgeony break out. Movie over Maxine, I may be the next rising star of coffee mugs and greeting cards!   Completing a survey for the bank kicked things into high gear. They seriously thought a thank-you-for-look-at-all-the-business-you’ve-given-us email was would make me feel valued? The flames fanned higher upon discovering the cat food bags shrunk by three pounds. In addition [Read more »]

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