Aug 152017
Changing Expectations

  We did another escape room on the weekend. This one had a whopping 14% success rate so we weren’t expecting much. Although we’ve done enough of the rooms our brains are rewiring. We have a pretty good idea of what to do or look for with a certain type of puzzle.   Only this time, past experience was our downfall. Several times we overlooked the obvious in plain site. Or headed down the wrong path using [Read more »]

Aug 082017
Random Notes Of A Procrastinator

Not sure how I missed the memo. I’ve been procrastinating all week. About everything. Why did it take me until this morning to see that? Oh wait, I procrastinated figuring out what was going on. Even at that, the Fates had different plans for this Letter, both in timing and content.   Random Notes of a Procrastinator   ~ Indecision is a huge time and energy suck. ~ Procrastination can be quite productive. ~ Productivity is over [Read more »]

Aug 012017
Embrace The Copy Cat

Heading out on an errand run a few weeks back I noticed a new vet clinic in town. Oh boy. Wonder if that’s going to go over well. For the 12 years I’ve been here, there’s only been two clinics. And people around these here parts are very loyal and don’t like change. Good for me though. Will be easier to get appointments with my ever so excellent vet.   There’s always been a lot of [Read more »]

Jul 252017
Legacy Of The Heart

Welcome to weird week.   Early yesterday I learned our previous chiropractor (I’ll call her Sue) was in her last days. Sixteenish months ago, Sue discovered a lump in her breast and had been undergoing cancer treatments. The last photos I saw of her on Facebook showed someone who was looking well and radiant. Hearing the news came as a shock.   Although not close friends, we were more than acquaintances. You don’t spend multiple [Read more »]

Jul 182017
Following Mr. Stunning Into The Unknown

Yesterday was Mr. Stunning’s vet appointment. For several weeks we conveniently avoided scheduling it. When avoidance was no longer possible, turns out more waiting was to come. The vet was on vacation.   For two weeks we worried about planned out how we were going to catch him. How many back up plans did we need to have? Would two relaxant tablets work when his test run of one did nothing? (Except to make him hungrier and have [Read more »]

Jul 112017
A 30 Cent Lesson

  Last night I paid my first ever library fine. The DVD I thought was due on the 13th turned out to the due on the 5th. Worse yet, this error was discovered after the library closed Saturday. No way to rush the DVD back until Monday. I’d have to live with my negligence for at least another day.   Can you believe I forgot about the return until supper time. Panic set in. Only three hours [Read more »]

Jul 042017
Forward Isn't Part Way

Alas, I have given up. The good fight is over. Best efforts to remain clutter blind have failed. Paper overwhelm has won the day.   Ever since hearing the clear cut message ahead, not back, is the way forward, paper has been in my face. I can’t ignore it anywhere. Just knowing a box contains paper, properly filed or not, it appears three times its size. There’s no missing it – Pay. Attention.   Moving forward [Read more »]

Jun 272017
Big Change Is Personal

  Ugghhhh. Massive internal state of confliction.   My intent was to write how change doesn’t come easy.   For the past several weeks I’ve been following an unfolding story. My friend Karen put me onto the story when she wrote about her Filled With Pride experience. A small, but very courageous and inspiring group wanted to hold the very first Pride Day in Their Town and raise a Pride flag. Since then, there have been two [Read more »]

Jun 202017
Forward. Full Stop.

  You might think herding cats is tough. Maybe more creative than anything. You have to know the cat’s personality and what they might do. They come in a wide variety of reactions. There are runners, freezers, wall climbers, hiders, swipers, hissers and the to be dreamt of, purrers. Each requires a different tactic, and what worked once doesn’t always work twice.   If cats are tough, what would the Universe say about herding humans? [Read more »]

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