Jun 062017


Had a good chuckle today.

Forget about hearing your parents sage advice or often spoke words replay in your head.

I heard my own.




Looking for crackers.


Not going crackers.

Looking for crackers.


Scouring the shelves for the specific brand I buy, it was hard not to notice again the shelf space dedicated to crackers.

But I need rice crackers.

Gluten intolerance can do that.

But why four or five rice brands?


Well, because the ones I buy have limited ingredients.

No extra unpronounceable chemicals.

(Still haven’t figured out the beeswax though.)


Why not the store brand sitting right there.

They pretty much have the same few ingredients as my brand.

We’ve tried them.

Taste test shows they don’t taste significantly different.


No comeback.

Got me there.



Keep scouring.

Avoid logic.

Damn it.

They don’t carry my brand anymore.


AND lookie there.

There’s a new box on the shelf.

My crackers are gone to make room for this new guy.

Not fair.


There’s one last hope.

Store number two.


More crackers.

But not my crackers.

And look.

Those new rice crackers have invaded the shelves here as well.

Double not fair.



Hold on.

What’s that on the newbie box?

Almost hidden from line of sight way down in the lower left corner?

My box of crackers!!


The new cracker on the block was my tried and true stand-by.

All dressed up in new clothes with a slightly new name.

Trying to make boring rice crackers a bit zippier and more attractive.


Huge. sigh. of. relief.

I found my boring (not so bland) rice crackers that don’t make me feel bad.

Thank you for that little tiny picture of the old box that saved the day.

Now I know what to look for.


But that’s not necessarily good on a larger scale.

What I expected to see wasn’t on the shelf.

And kept me from seeing what was there.

Stopped me from exploring what was new.


Not seeing the bigger picture and more broadly,

along with getting caught up in thinking there was only one solution,

was good fodder for a laugh indeed.



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