10 Ways I See The World


How fortunate we all don’t see the world in the same way. That would make for a very boring, black and white life.

Key beliefs that shape the way I approach my work:


1. Begin with being you.

Starting a business or launching new career is a shiny distraction when you feel the inner nudge “there’s something more to life.”   Finding purpose, direction and meaning begins with knowing who you really are, and being that.


2. Self-discovery is messy.

Doing the inner work of getting to know who you really are is a non-linear messy, inspiring, chaotic, flowing, clear, overwhelming journey of doubling back over familiar territory to move forward.


3. Passion is overrated. Being you full out, is not.

Passion is overrated and over sold. Lack of passion is perfectly normal. There isn’t one, and only one thing you’re here to do. But there is a unique expression of Life you are here to be. Full out.


4. Being is active, not all quiet and stillness.

Energy and inner peace are not opposites. Living your true self comes with great deal of both.  You may find yourself busier than ever finding ways to express who you are, all the while experiencing a deep sense of “Is-ness.” Get out of the crappy do-do by allowing who you are define what you do, instead of assuming what you do defines who you are.


5. Stop trying to get rid of your ego. Give it a new job.

Your ego is the reason you’re unique. Lose your ego and that’s one less expression of Life. Like blocking out the yellow rays when light passes through a prism. Ego’s job was to protect you. Ego’s new role is to help you shine in the world, like only you can.


6. Growth doesn’t end, it changes.

Physical growth we experience from infancy through maturity reaches an end. The inner growth of becoming more of your true self continues for a lifetime, complete with its own growing pains, stages of development and celebrations of milestones.


7. Inner Listening is a skill, not a gift.

The guidance we seek is all around us. Messages, signs, signals and patterns are found in our daily lives when we know how to see them. Listening and paying attention to what’s appearing is a skill we can develop and have with us all the time, without the need for special tools or relying on other people.


8. Embrace the Unknown.

Dreams and goals are limited to what you can imagine right now. Not knowing what’s ahead has its perks. It ignites curiosity. Holds potential and possibilities. Is where your life Beyond Imagination exists. Being comfortable with paddling about the unknown is not only possible, it’s freeing.


9. Our way forward is together.

Community is critical for growth, change and self-discovery. You realize you’re not alone or so different. Your stories become unstuck. You when they can’t see for themselves. and you can create something greater than any of us can do on your own.


10. True is extraordinary.

Living your best, most exciting extraordinary, dream life is fraught with feeling behind and not measuring up to the next guy. Live your truest life. The life that reflects who you really are with the deepest sense of “you being you, no holding back.”

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