Lorraine’s Story

Lorraine Watson - The Story of my Journey

You know how you come across people who somehow knew since they were ‘yea high’ what they wanted to be when they grew up.

That wasn’t me.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why they were so lucky when I didn’t have a clue.


Not knowing, and not deciding, what I wanted led to a life not my own.

Options in high school were filled with courses my sister loved and I failed miserably.  In university a computer science degree was the best of the uninteresting for work potential.  Don’t pass up an opening with a large corporation.

I dove in and gave my all waking hours – and many nights – to achieve somebody else’s goals.   A shiny new job switch quickly tarnished into being taken for granted in worse circumstances.


Solution. Take control of my life, go out on my own – yes, that must be the answer.   Not so fast.

Being your own boss doesn’t mean work is more enjoyable, better options are available, or you have freedom.  The rules may change, but the game remains the same.


I was being pushed from inside to change. I knew there was something more – to me, and life.

But what? And how?


I lived through my Lost Year (1995/1996) trying anything and everything in order to find “me”.

A light bulb finally went off with the realization I’d been living a Lost Life – triggered by a single decision made in grade 11.

I wasn’t going to be a doctor.

From that moment forward I didn’t know who I was because I didn’t know what I would do.


Oh how I really could have used me now back then.


Because then I would have had somebody alongside to show me I needed to take the time to know my unique self, who I really was being.

I could have saved a lot of time, effort and money doing things that didn’t get rid of the frustrations of still never finding “me” or a specific purpose.

I took the far too long road to figuring out what I do does not define who I am, but who I am being will infuse what I am doing, when a much shorter path was there all along to take.


If I had the me now back then, I also would have come to know I wasn’t alone and the only one who saw the world this way.

I wasn’t really lost, just hiding out waiting to dis cover myself again.  Longing for “something more” is simply another, natural stage of “growing up”.

Once I started taking the risk to be the “real me”, I started finding others who thought the same way.  A scattered people – temporarily – we are.



What This Is About


The yearning for “something more” is a signal of growth and change that won’t go unheeded.  The call only gets louder and stronger.

But this transition of “coming out of the closet” feels risky and very vulnerable.  Something you don’t know how, or want to do alone.


A most extraordinary experience is being present for another as they show up and shine as their true, authentic self.

Where I come in is to bring my insatiable curiosity, intuitive abilities and knack for cutting to the core to be your guide on a journey of self-exploration and dis covering, being and expressing your inner Light.  You can follow your Light back to you.


Bringing your full and unique self expression to your work, business or personal life changes everything.


You are empowered and enjoy the freedom to just be you in everything you do.


You are the “something more” you have been looking for and that’s why we’re here.



Your Turn


So now you know where I’ve come from. What’s your story?

Would about the journey you’ve been on and where you’d like to head next.

Or pull up a chair and hang out for a bit. Remember to leave your name too so you’ll know when to pop back when new stuff comes up.



Lorraine interviews Lorraine


You know about about my journey and a lot of how I see the world.

Perhaps you’re curious about the ordinary day-to-day stuff that often get overlooked in our work or aren’t likely to come up in conversation.

If you have questions you would like added, please .


What would you do even if you’d never be a star?

Acoustic guitar.  Soccer.  Volleyball.  Squash.  Photography.


What movies do you never tire of watching even after the gazillionth time?  (from Sandra)

Sabrina (1954 and 1995), Sound Of Music, Apollo 13, Rudy, The American President, Kindergarten Cop, The Blind Side, October Sky, Regarding Henry, The Jazz Singer (1980), Brigadoon, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Band Of Brothers, November Christmas, Miracle On 34th Street (1947), Little Women (1949), Young At Heart (1954), Meet Me In St Louis, Dangerous Minds, Stand And Deliver, Music Of The Heart


What would most people be surprised to know about you?

I can create a few useful items with a sewing machine, but can’t darn a sock.  I can pack a dishwasher, but neither a car trunk nor moving box. I can build walls and wire a basement, but can’t get an accurate reading out of a stud finder or tape measure. Sudoku is a mind twist beyond pain thresholds, but cryptograms or a rebus is a different matter. I was horrible learning piano and guitar, but I like many old musicals.  And I was in the chorus of my junior high production of Oklahoma! I have my Reiki Master level, have always heard, known, felt and seen “things”, and couldn’t be much further away from woo-woo.


How would you describe yourself in third-person?

Lorraine’s curiosity of life leads her to dabble, question and push beyond the box.  A self-professed “big picture idea” type, she has a passion for seeing possibility everywhere and in everyone, and being part of turning possibility into reality. Oh, and when you think of Lorraine you can’t help but think of cats too.


Who would you want with you in a dark alley?

Kalinda Sharma (The Good Wife), Ziva David (NCIS), Teyla Emmagan (Stargate: Atlantis), Fiona Glenanne (Burn Notice), Col. Samantha Carter (Stargate: SG1),  Rick Mercer


Some of your favourite things?

Potatoes.  The smell of wood burning in a fireplace or in the lumber yard. Pondering. Cats, cats and snuggles with cats. Great conversations, especially while eating great food. Learning.  Connecting people.  Watching people light up as they “get it”.


What do you most not want people to find out about you?

Whew. Ok. Here goes. I’m not artistically inclined and rarely listen to music. I don’t get most poetry and I rarely read fiction. I don’t meditate formally. I’m terrible at networking and small talk in large crowds. I’d rather be home than go out. I can ruin most jokes and lost my mathematical aptitude after graduating grade 12.


Rapid Fire

Salt or sugar?        Sugar
Wine or Beer?        Red
Sky or Ground       Sky
Apple or PC?          PC
Snow or Rain         Snow
Radio or TV?          TV
Skirt or Dress?       Jeans
Tent or Trailer?      Cabin
Fashion or
Function?              Function

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