Bring your true self to Life


Knowing you're supposed to be doing something different, you're meant for something more, is both trying and tiring.

Take a moment to step back. Give yourself some elbow room. Breathe.

Many of the answers have been here all along - hidden just out of plain sight within you.

Changes are ahead. You know because you hear the whispers, an inner calling nudging from your heart that’s not quite clear. Your work feels off track. At times you may feel stretched between two lives, with one foot in an old life and the other wanting to step further into the new.

Perhaps you just don’t know what to do. Or how. Or when is the right time. You’ve tried just about everything. Nothing clicks. Nothing quite causes you to relax and exhale “This. Is. My. It.”

You. are. ready.

Ready for the journey of dis-covering you are what you’ve been searching for and seeing answers all around you.

Bringing your true self to Life makes a world of difference for all of us.


Lorraine Watson -Light Up Inside Full Out

Me - Been There Too


I’m Lorraine Watson, and have traveled this road of seeking and questioning. I know what feeling hesitant, vulnerable, alone and even lost can be like when the inner call won't stop.

Part catalyst, part Sherpa and part nudger among other things, I’m at my best letting loose my insatiable curiosity, intuitive abilities and cutting to the nuts & bolts as your partner in finding clarity about who you really are and living true to yourself.

Follow Your Light is all about supporting you in knowing yourself more deeply, hearing the whispers more clearly and having the courage to step into ‘there's something more to life’ that awaits.

You're on an ever evolving journey of a lifetime. When you know yourself deeply and be full out yourself in everything you do, Life beyond imagination soon becomes reality.


You’re Not The Only One


Navigating a period of transition can bring a wide range of thoughts and emotions and is a normal part of the journey. You'll be among like-minded people who've had similar experiences if:

  • You want to be you all the time, not one person at work or out with friends and another at home.
  • You want to feel what you’re doing is right, what you’re supposed to be doing. The puzzle pieces click into place.
  • Your time is now to make an even more meaningful contribution. Your best kept secret is knowing what can really change things. You might even be a bit scared at the possibility, or what “it” might be.
  • You want to stop hiding and fully explore your growing spiritual side, but without going woo-woo. A dash of left-brained, logical, science techie geek will always be part of you.
  • You’re open to stepping into the unknown of uncharted territory to see what is there. What you know already and what you’ve been doing aren’t getting you anywhere.


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Where To Begin


Taking a first step is the best way to get going. But when you don't know where or how to start, feeling stuck or frozen in place is not unusual, or feeling lost or frustrated.

If we were sitting around the kitchen table with a cuppa and some goodies discussing such topics of change, spirituality, and finding your purpose, chances are the conversation would meander into how you might find peace of mind and gain sense of direction.

My suggestions for where to begin would be: surround yourself, start where you are and build the foundation.

They may sound too simple to work, but simplicity has the ability to cut through complications and reduce the overwhelm of everything. They are perfect for where to begin creating the groundwork for the journey ahead.

Surround yourself

When you're between the old and the new, change can feel lonely.

Talking and sharing your experience with others is an important part of the change process you're going through. Being in the same space with like-minded people helps you to know you're not alone, get support and just absorb new ideas and energy.

I'd love to hang out with you. Blog posts, Facebook (or other social media) and my weekly newsletter are great ways to being in the space and start getting to know each other.


Keep In Touch - Cover

Start where you are

The inner questioning that comes with the nudges for change can be unsettling. Feeling lost or unsure can be a difficult time.

Some may consider this time to be a right of passage between where you've been and where you're heading. Your attention is drawn to this point and the experience of change.

You've likely asked yourself four core questions and this is my perspective on the answers. You're right where you're supposed to be when facing this change in direction.


Changing Directions - Cover

Building the foundation

Figuring out what to do can easily lead to overwhelm by trying to think of something significant or monumental. Momentum comes to a halt.

Smaller first steps focused on building skills you can use over and over hold great importance too. No matter what change you face, you'll be better able to create space, Listen to what's appearing and find greater clarity on the next steps to take.

Continuing to use these three steps can turn them into powerful tools at your disposal.


Changing Directions - Cover

We’re Likely Kindred Spirits Already


Finding a good fit with someone who gets where you've been is important. Check out my story and a bit of fun personal stuff to see what clicks for you.

Some other ways to know you'll find what you're looking for here would be:

  • Curious” is your middle name. You love exploring, learning, questioning and pushing boundaries outside the box
  • You like a little quirkiness in your life and humour on the dry side makes you laugh
  • A 4×4 trip across a field or down gravel roads can be just as (or more) appealing as cruising newly paved highways in a limo
  • You know feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable is part of the process of becoming the real you and living your most authentic life
  • Your back yard is much bigger than where you actually live. You care deeply about the well-being of the environment, those less fortunate and animals (with perhaps a soft spot for cats)
  • You’re excited, both figuratively and literally, by the idea of hopping in an RV and driving off in some direction to explore more than landing in your final destination with a tightly scheduled itinerary
  • Good food, great friends and fantastic conversations are the ingredients of incredible gatherings

Thoughts others have shared about me might be helpful to you too.

What's Next


Does this sound like something you'd like to explore further and stay connected?

Feel free to join in the conversations from earlier Letters From Home and be sure to receive your own copy each week. Leaving your contact information also means we can keep in touch through other occasional writings and messages.

I’d . Did you try any of the suggestions above? What did you find? Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, maybe I can help. Whatever direction you head, we'll have had a great conversation and the opportunity to meet.

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