Tired of not doing what you’re really here to do?

Stop searching and start dis-covering you are what you’ve been looking for. You truly can be your real self all the time and make a world of difference.


You’re meant for something more

From the outside your life looks pretty good. You set the bar high and you’re good at what you do. You find great satisfaction in helping others be successful too. Recognized or not, you know you make a difference.

But you could be doing more. Something different. Your work feels off track. Stretched between two lives, you have one foot in the old and the other wanting to step further into the new.

You know because you hear the whispers, an inner calling nudging from your heart that’s not quite clear. You just don’t know what to do. You’ve tried just about everything. Nothing clicks. Nothing causes you to relax and exhale “This. Is. My. It.”


You’re not alone

You’ll know you’re among friends here if:

  • You want to be you all the time, not one person at work or out with friends and another at home.
  • You want to feel what you’re doing is right, what you’re supposed to be doing. The puzzle pieces click into place.
  • Your time is now to make an even more meaningful contribution. Your best kept secret is knowing what can really change things. You might even be a bit scared at the possibility, or what “it” might be.
  • You want to stop hiding and fully explore your growing spiritual side, but without going woo-woo. A dash of left-brained, logical, science techie geek will always be part of you.
  • You’re open to stepping into the unknown of uncharted territory to see what is there. What you know already and what you’ve been doing aren’t getting you anywhere.


Me – Been There Too

Lorraine WatsonI’m Lorraine Watson, one part catalyst, one part Sherpa and one part cattle prod as your Inner Dis-covery Partner. I created Follow Your Light to help those who are ready to connect with that ‘something more’ they’ve been looking for and step into their most extraordinary life.

Having traveled the road of seeking and questioning myself, I know what feeling hesitant, vulnerable, alone and even lost can be like when the inner call won’t stop. Following your Light is an ever evolving journey, most powerfully taken with others to create a life beyond imagination. Despite what you’ve heard too many times to count, my greatest wish is for you to be full out yourself in everything you do.


Where I Might Fit In

I’m at my best letting loose my insatiable curiosity, intuitive abilities and knack for cutting to the core in partnership with you. In addition to using the blog and freesource materials on your own, our journey of self-exploration to dis-covering, being and stepping into what you were meant to do can be taken through:

  • online Begin With Being course (coming in Summer 2014)
  • on-going mentorship in a community with individual attention (coming in Fall 2014)


We’re Likely Kindred Spirits Already

If you’re looking to be yourself amongst like-minded peeps then:

  • Curious” is your middle name. You love exploring, learning, questioning and pushing boundaries outside the box.
  • Your back yard is much bigger than where you actually live. You care deeply about the well-being of the environment, those less fortunate and animals (with perhaps a soft spot for cats).
  • A 4×4 trip across a field or down gravel roads can be just as appealing as cruising newly paved highways.
  • You like a little quirkiness in your life and humour on the dry side makes you laugh.
  • You’re excited by the idea of hopping in an RV and driving off in some direction more than landing in your final destination with a tightly scheduled itinerary.
  • Good food, great friends and fantastic conversations are the ingredients of incredible gatherings.


Sound enough like you to pull up a chair for a coffee or steeped tea? Check out some musings or freesources as a jumping in point.

And please leave your name so I know you stopped by and can stay in touch. I’d personally. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, maybe I can help. We’ll have a great conversation regardless.

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